Concert Announcement: Sigur Ros

06/12/08 The Uptown Theater, Kansas City

Another concert announcement for the Kansas City area that makes me very excited! Iceland's own Sigur Ros will be playing the Uptown Theater on June 12th. This is another "Must See" show so make sure you pick your tickets up this Saturday. Also if you haven't already done so pick up a copy of their live DVD Heima, which contains some of the more beautiful imagery ever captured by a band DVD (see the preview of Heima here in addition to a couple of my favorite Sigur Ros videos).


In Rainbows - In VH1's Basement

Don't miss the one hour Radiohead special "From the Basement" May 3rd at midnight on VH1. To hype the world tour less than three weeks away, Thom and the boys are releasing an intimate live performance of selections from In Rainbows recorded recently at an undisclosed London studio. You can also stream the performance May 3rd at music.vh1.com. While you suck most of the time VH1, this is definitely something to brag about! (I'm not sticking around to watch Rock of Love though....)

In the meantime check out this sweet Nude remix by Holy Fuck courtesy of Stereogum:

Radiohead - Nude (Holy Fuck remix)

Check This Out: "Wristcutters - A Love Story"

While I spend a fair share of time listening to, critiquing and appreciating music in the car, at the (boring) office, in the comfort of home, while working in the yard etc; I do sincerely cherish the opportunity to grab some gummy bears, sit down in the basement, get comfortable and check out a great new movie. Especially a great new movie that also includes a fantastic and appropriately meshed soundtrack.

At first glance, the 2006 Sundance favorite Wristcutters' title might startle the unsuspecting. I myself would have most likely skipped past this one on the "new releases" on-demand list had I not read good reviews a few weeks back on some blog somewhere....

While Wristcutters is most definitely about suicide just as the title suggests, it is much more so about love and finding love through life's heartaches and confusion. Its a movie about realizing that sometimes we all have to sift through some major shit to discover happiness - and that we don't realize until its over that even the worst of times can serve a purpose towards eventually discovering the best times. Its a movie about realizing that when its all said and done, love survives and can rear its head in the strangest of places.

The movie begins with the main character Zia, overcome with depression from breaking up with his girlfriend, deciding to end it all and commit suicide. He wakes up in a strange purgatory - like afterlife made especially for those that "did the deed" (suicide). This afterlife is disappointingly similar to the world Zia chose to escape, only slightly dirtier, darker, and less apprehensible. Zia soon learns that his lost love Desiree, (desire?) became so overcome with sadness and confusion after his suicide that she also chose the same fate for herself and exists somewhere in the same afterlife. Zia decides to embark upon an existential journey of sorts with his weird Russian rocker buddy Eugene to find happiness and be reunited with Desiree once again. What they discover along the way is that sometimes life's greatest "miracles" happen unsuspectingly right in front of your eyes.

In essence, the movie puts an odd twist on the classic boy meets girl love story while incorporating some very serious, "what does this all mean?" themes. Picture Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (without the ether and LSD) meets Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - the film is that nutty throughout and that heartwarming and reassuring exactly when it needs to be.

Not only does the story get two thumbs up from me, the soundtrack is pretty great too warranting the mention here on Jeopardy. Tom Waits co-stars as the very important character Kneller and you hear his song Dead & Lovely repeatedly throughout. Tunes by Joy Division, Gram Parsons and others also pop up laying down a heart felt, memorable, mood-evoking soundtrack.

In short, check out this flick - its a unique break from mainstream cinematic mediocrity and boasts a "killer" soundtrack.

Official website: www.lovesurvives.com

You can check out the trailer on youtube here.

You can stream Tom Waits "Dead and Lovely" from the movie here.

And try and check out the rest of the soundtrack if you get a chance... here's the tracklist:

"Wristcutters: A Love Story"
1. Dead And Lovely - Tom Waits
2. Deathwish - Christian Death
3. Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division
4. Occurances At The Border - Gogol Bordello
5. Song For You, A - Gram Parsons
6. Through The Roof And Underground - Gogol Bordello
7. Oasis - Vivienne Dogan-Corringham
8. Telstar - Joe Meek
9. Cry Myself To Sleep - Del Shannon
10. Huliganjetta - Gogol Bordello
11. She's Fallen In Love With A Monster - Screaming Lord Sutch
12. 24 To Vector Z - Daniel Wang
13. Gloomy Sunday - Artie Shaw
14. Love Song - Mikal Lazarev
15. Brennan's Theme - Mushman


Concert Announcement: Boris

07/23/08 The Granada, Lawrence

There hasn't been a local concert announcement that I have been excited about in a while until today. Boris is a metal band from Japan, but describing them as just a metal band might not do them justice. Boris have combined metal, hard rock, psychedelia and the kitchen sink over the course of their 17 (!) studio albums. They will be in Lawrence at The Granada on July 23rd. If you are looking for a place to start with Boris, check out 2006's Pink, which in my opinion, is one of their most accessible albums to date. The video below is for the song 'Statement' from their newest album, Smile, which comes out next Tuesday.

Boris Website


Local Music - Republic Tigers

If you haven't heard of Republic Tigers quite yet, you will very soon. They're a Kansas City band and they appear to have all the pieces to stardom laid out in front of them. The Republic Tigers first full length album, Keep Color, is set to be released on Chop Shop Records on May 6th. They are actually the first band to be signed to Chop Shop, which is the new label started by Alexandra Patsavas. You may not know that name but Alexandra is the music supervisor responsible for picking out the songs for TV shows like Grey's Anatomy and The OC (which, for better or for worse, makes her a big contributor to the success of Snow Patrol and The Fray) which no doubt gives any band she is promoting a head start on garnishing press. To top this all off Republic Tigers will be the musical guest on Letterman on May 22nd.

On the night the new album gets released The Record Bar will be hosting a listening party where you can pick up a copy of Keep Color. In addition you can catch them live this Saturday April 26th at Crosstown Station in Kansas City. You can check out their new video for their (pretty darn great) song 'Buildings And Mountains' below.

The Republic Tigers Myspace


New Music: The Constantines - Kensington Heights

In the tradition of bands like Drive-By Truckers and The Hold Steady, The Constantines play straight up Rock Music without any frills. That's definitely not a knock against this Canadian band, in fact it just shows what great songwriters they are to be able to carry three outstanding albums without falling into the trappings of "hip" music. The Constantines may just be the best Rock band you might not have ever heard of, and they are the newest addition to the ever talented line-up the label Arts & Crafts have on their roster.

Their third album, Kensington Heights, gets an American release date one week from today on April 29th. If you can't wait you can download it now as long as you are smart enough to be an Emusic subscriber. Below you can check out their first video off the new album for the single, 'Hard Feelings'.

The Constantines Myspace

On a related note...if you haven't heard Feist and The Constantines cover of 'Islands In The Stream', click here to stream it.


More Fleet Foxes Babble

Matt's going to get mad at me for talking about these guys so much on here... BUT they are my favorite up and coming group so I'm justified. Stereogum has Fleet Foxes' White Winter Hymnal off the forthcoming full length due out this summer available to stream here. The Foxes serenaded the crowd with this one at the Lawrence show two weeks ago and I absolutely loved it - another song showing off their amazing ability to make a cappela sound really cool. We're continuing to count down the days until until the new record.... In the meantime, if you dig their sound as much as we do, you'd better download their brand new, live Daytrotter session.

You Tube Video - New Mates of State Single

Check out Mates of State's latest single off of their forthcoming album here on youtube. The track is called "Get Better" and sounds pretty awesome... I've always thought Mates of State to be quite the "cute" couple singing about love together and loving each-other and all that... they even lived in our very own little "cute" Lawrence KS for a time. I've always enjoyed their sound, very "minimally intense", with most of their songs consisting of little more than an organ, a drumset, and some punk-paced vocals. The new album Re-Arrange Us is set to release 5-20 on Barsuk. From the likes of this preview, it should prove to be a great spring/summer sound.


Stream The Entire New Atmosphere Album Online

spaceHead over to Atmosphere's Myspace page where you can stream their entire new album, When Life Gives You Lemon's You Paint That Shit Gold, which gets an official release this Tuesday April 22nd. I've been a big Atmosphere fan for a long time, but have been pretty disappointed with the last couple of albums. I haven't been able to check out the stream of the new one yet but here's hoping it's up to Lucy Ford quality.


SubPop Announces Really Cool Stuff

Now I'm a big SubPop fan dating all the way back to grade school when my mom wouldn't let me buy Nirvana's Nevermind at Sam Goody because of the cover picture.... so I'd feel terribly irresponsible if Jeopardy failed to point out these two crucial important news-worthy updates:

We're very excited to be the umpteenth site to announce that Wolf Parade have finally chosen a release date for their 2nd full length LP. While most of us have been getting by for the past couple years on Sunset Rubdown's catchy-weird pop/prog rock tunes and maybe a little Handsome Furs when we're feeling down, somehow Spencer Krug and the rest of his Canadian buddies found the time to put down nine new tracks between multiple side projects and other tumultuous adventures. This is exciting news for me as Wolf Parade is officially my favorite Canadian "indie" band. (that's right folks, better than The Arcade Fire in my mind) Let's hope the new album rocks as much as Apologies to the Queen Mary did - its set to release 6-17-08. Get excited! (and pray they tour somewhere near KC). In the meantime you can head over to Stereogum to hear "Call It A Ritual", the first single from the new Wolf Parade album.

In other cool SubPop news; The Flight of the Conchords, our favorite Austra-errrr New Zealander HBO stars, release their first major label full-length album this week consisting mostly of re-cut tracks from their hit TV series including everybody's favorite "Bowie". While Bret and Jermaine really are talented and creative musicians and filled my summer '07 with laughter and cheer its moments like this that make me hope someday SubPop releases their material to roam free on Emusic - I'm not sure if I'm feeling flush enough to drop $9.99 on Itunes to pay for this one unless I come across raving reviews or get a visit from the raise fairy at work. (I promised myself that unless absolutely unavoidable, no more itunes purchases until after I pay to fix the window in my car) I guess there's always HBO On-Demand.... Nonetheless, congratulations on the new album fellas! The record is out April 22.

New Music: Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours

spaceToo many times I listen to a new album and immediately become completely convinced that it is one of the best albums of the year. Usually after I sit with it for a few more weeks it becomes clear that although a good record, said album is nowhere near the best album of the year. I put off writing anything about Australian trio Cut Copy's second LP, In Ghost Colours, in fear that I might be jumping the gun on thinking that this may be the best album of 2008 thus far.

I have always been a sucker for 80's era synth-pop, so most bands that attempt to join the revival of that vibe in music will at least get a few listens out of me. They do have many contemporaries who are attempting the same things they are, but none even come close to doing it as well as Cut Copy, especially the ability to meld electro and rock so seamlessly. To be honest, there isn't anything groundbreaking going on here but everything is just so perfectly written, produced and executed that it's impossible not to find something to like.

I predict that for those that do hear this album, it very well could be the album of the summer...it just has that feel to it. I suggest you get yourself a copy of In Ghost Colours as soon as possible, preferably before it finally gets warm.

Cut Copy - Lights & Music:

Cut Copy on Emusic
Cut Copy Myspace


My Morning Jacket To Appear on Saturday Night Live

With the release of My Morning Jacket's new album steadily approaching you can guarantee that there will plenty of posting concerning one of my favorite bands. The new album, Evil Urges, still doesn't come out for almost two months (June 10th) but there is new bit of info on the MMJ horizon to be excited about in the meantime. My Morning Jacket are slated to be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live on May 10th. With Spoon, Vampire Weekend, Wilco and now My Morning Jacket all playing on SNL this season it appears that whoever is behind booking the bands has a lot better taste in music than previous years.

The Jeopardy of Contentment Doubles in Size!!

If you didn't notice by the wonderful show review below, I have been joined by my good friend Kevin to help with the site. Kevin and I have known each other for years and I've always found him to have impeccable taste in music, so he will be a wonderful addition (and hopefully he and I can keep this updated a little more frequently!).


Show Review - Fleet Foxes/Blitzen Trapper

04/12/08 The Jackpot, Lawrence

Matt... well, Matt and the rest of the Internet haven't been lying. And just maybe we're spending too much time talking about these guys - but hey... after seeing them live it's definitely safe to say they deserve it. Last night's Fleet Foxes (and Blitzen Trapper) show deserves an official "job well done", pat on the back, good time high-five.

The Jackpot was filled to the brim with a mixture of hipsters/hippies/and regular ole people like me and you who came out on an unusually chilly April night (I mean com'on it was snowing....) for good cheer, good fun and the opportunity to catch a glimpse of one of music's most promising up and coming acts perform their highly acclaimed debut EP and more. The Fleet Foxes did not disappoint... rising on stage as scheduled they opened up with the a Capella track "Sun Giant" which also happens to be the first track off the new EP. The rowdy crowd was silenced by the near perfect vocal harmony and all concentration turned to face the stage. Having captured everybody's attention, Fleet Foxes struck up the rest of the band and moved forward to perform my favorite track "Drops in the River" and the remaining selections off their debut EP. They snuck a few fantastic unreleased tunes into the set-list assuring us that their full-length due out June 3rd is definitely something to continue anticipating.

I was taken back by the simple, raw emotion they performed with. The instrumentals were together, Robin Pecknold's vocals were beautiful, and the overall vibe was very friendly - and it was great to see them at such an intimate venue like the Jackpot joking back and forth with the crowd. Seeing their live show completely solidified the argument that this is a band to keep your eye on and we officially can't wait for the full length release this summer and eventually another tour stop through the Midwest.

As great a performance as Fleet Foxes put on, we can't forget about Blitzen Trapper.... they were absolutely a Wild Mountain Party. They got the crowd up and moving and really rocked it out playing everything the diverse crowd came to hear. After experiencing their live show for the first time its safe to say that the vibe on the net surrounding these guys speaks for itself. While admittedly I went to see Fleet Foxes, Blitzen Trapper proved that their prowess onstage and their unique song writing style offstage is definitely something to continue praising.


Stream New My Morning Jacket Song & SXSW Performance

Quite possibly the greatest living Rock band right now, My Morning Jacket are getting ready to release their 5th full length album, Evil Urges, on June 10th and I couldn't be more excited. If you head over to NPR's website you can check out a preview of a new track, 'Touch Me I'm Going to Scream Pt. 2'. On that same page you can also check out previews of new stuff by Portishead, Elbow, Wolf Parade and more. In addition you can check out My Morning Jacket's SXSW performance that was recorded for NPR's All Songs Considered Concerts. Prepare have your face melted.


Must-See Show: Fleet Foxes

04/12/08 @ The Jackpot (Opening for Blitzen Trapper)

We've previously discussed our complete admiration for Fleet Foxes on here before. They have built up quite a bit of buzz and for once I believe all that hype is totally deserved. They will be appearing as the opening act for another Jeopardy of Contentment favorite Blitzen Trapper this Saturday at the Jackpot Saloon in Lawrence. I can't really express how impressive Fleet Foxes EP is and every review of their tour with Blitzen Trapper has resulted in absolute praise of the live show Fleet Foxes put on. Seriously folks, this could be one of those shows where 5 years from now you can brag to people how you saw Fleet Foxes at a place as small as the Jackpot. Don't miss it!!


Kansas Wins 2008 Basketball National Championship

Had to deviate a little from the Music aspect of the blog for this fantastic event...20 years in the making!
If you look closely to the SI cover, you will notice former Jayhawk Julian Wright watching in suspense from the front row. Rock Chalk!!


Concert Announcent: Feist

07/13/08 Starlight Theatre, Kansas City

Another great concert announcement for Kansas City as Feist will be playing at Starlight Theatre on July 13th. Tickets go on sale April 12th, although I wouldn't be in too much of a rush because my prediction is this won't even get close to selling out (unless she gets a killer opening band or I am severely underestimating the amount of popularity an Ipod commercial will give you).

Feist Myspace


Show Review: Spoon/The Walkmen/ White Rabbits

04/02/08 Uptown Theater, KC

Austin band Spoon has been at the top of my list of bands to see for a long time. I missed a Bottleneck show six years ago because it was already sold out when I showed up and I am still kicking myself, especially considering it may very well be possible that they never play somewhere that small again. If you look at their recent appearance on Saturday Night Live (for which they canceled a Lawrence show they'll make up at Liberty Hall on April 20th), a fair amount of radio play and filling the Uptown Theater they've become one of the biggest names in "indie" music. Spoon has released six albums now with the last four all full of brilliant pop songs, so they have a quite the selection of songs to choose from. They played for 70+ minute set that never got dull and held a very diverse audience captive the whole time. There is a reason why they are getting so much recognition and it starts with a pretty great live show.

The Walkmen played before Spoon and hail from New York City. I was fairly familiar with their stuff but even with owning a couple of older albums of theirs I didn't recognize much of what they played. The Walkmen are a solid live band with singer Hamilton Leithauser having one of the most unique voices is rock today behind Spoon's Britt Daniel.

The first band of the evening was Columbia Missouri's own White Rabbits (they call NYC home now). There weren't a whole lot of people there when they played which might have had something to do with them going on around 7:30 when the tickets said 8:00, but those in attendance at the time were treated to an extremely talented band. Their debut album, Fort Nightly, is full of memorable and almost theatrically grand songs and their live show is just as impressive. They have the same vibe of seeing a band like Arcade Fire or Explosions in the Sky where ever song sounds like it's building to something huge. Having three drummers play at the same time for a few songs doesn't hurt either. A few sound problems seemed to plague the band, with the vocals being a bit distorted and everything being way too loud. Or maybe I was just standing to close, who knows? White Rabbits are headlining a show on June 1st at The Record Bar which will be a much more appropriate venue to see them play. If there is one thing about shows like this, where it's all ages and a band that gets a decent amount of radio play, is it reminds me of how much I'd rather see a show at The Record Bar or The Jackpot.

Spoon Myspace
The Walkmen Myspace
White Rabbits Myspace