Show Review - Fleet Foxes/Blitzen Trapper

04/12/08 The Jackpot, Lawrence

Matt... well, Matt and the rest of the Internet haven't been lying. And just maybe we're spending too much time talking about these guys - but hey... after seeing them live it's definitely safe to say they deserve it. Last night's Fleet Foxes (and Blitzen Trapper) show deserves an official "job well done", pat on the back, good time high-five.

The Jackpot was filled to the brim with a mixture of hipsters/hippies/and regular ole people like me and you who came out on an unusually chilly April night (I mean com'on it was snowing....) for good cheer, good fun and the opportunity to catch a glimpse of one of music's most promising up and coming acts perform their highly acclaimed debut EP and more. The Fleet Foxes did not disappoint... rising on stage as scheduled they opened up with the a Capella track "Sun Giant" which also happens to be the first track off the new EP. The rowdy crowd was silenced by the near perfect vocal harmony and all concentration turned to face the stage. Having captured everybody's attention, Fleet Foxes struck up the rest of the band and moved forward to perform my favorite track "Drops in the River" and the remaining selections off their debut EP. They snuck a few fantastic unreleased tunes into the set-list assuring us that their full-length due out June 3rd is definitely something to continue anticipating.

I was taken back by the simple, raw emotion they performed with. The instrumentals were together, Robin Pecknold's vocals were beautiful, and the overall vibe was very friendly - and it was great to see them at such an intimate venue like the Jackpot joking back and forth with the crowd. Seeing their live show completely solidified the argument that this is a band to keep your eye on and we officially can't wait for the full length release this summer and eventually another tour stop through the Midwest.

As great a performance as Fleet Foxes put on, we can't forget about Blitzen Trapper.... they were absolutely a Wild Mountain Party. They got the crowd up and moving and really rocked it out playing everything the diverse crowd came to hear. After experiencing their live show for the first time its safe to say that the vibe on the net surrounding these guys speaks for itself. While admittedly I went to see Fleet Foxes, Blitzen Trapper proved that their prowess onstage and their unique song writing style offstage is definitely something to continue praising.

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