You Tube Video - New Mates of State Single

Check out Mates of State's latest single off of their forthcoming album here on youtube. The track is called "Get Better" and sounds pretty awesome... I've always thought Mates of State to be quite the "cute" couple singing about love together and loving each-other and all that... they even lived in our very own little "cute" Lawrence KS for a time. I've always enjoyed their sound, very "minimally intense", with most of their songs consisting of little more than an organ, a drumset, and some punk-paced vocals. The new album Re-Arrange Us is set to release 5-20 on Barsuk. From the likes of this preview, it should prove to be a great spring/summer sound.

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Matt said...

Cute is a great word to use for them...after seeing them live the way they smile at each other and look like their having such a great time, it's all disturbingly cute.

I really like the new song though. Hopefully they'll come back through this area on tour since they have some roots here.