SubPop Announces Really Cool Stuff

Now I'm a big SubPop fan dating all the way back to grade school when my mom wouldn't let me buy Nirvana's Nevermind at Sam Goody because of the cover picture.... so I'd feel terribly irresponsible if Jeopardy failed to point out these two crucial important news-worthy updates:

We're very excited to be the umpteenth site to announce that Wolf Parade have finally chosen a release date for their 2nd full length LP. While most of us have been getting by for the past couple years on Sunset Rubdown's catchy-weird pop/prog rock tunes and maybe a little Handsome Furs when we're feeling down, somehow Spencer Krug and the rest of his Canadian buddies found the time to put down nine new tracks between multiple side projects and other tumultuous adventures. This is exciting news for me as Wolf Parade is officially my favorite Canadian "indie" band. (that's right folks, better than The Arcade Fire in my mind) Let's hope the new album rocks as much as Apologies to the Queen Mary did - its set to release 6-17-08. Get excited! (and pray they tour somewhere near KC). In the meantime you can head over to Stereogum to hear "Call It A Ritual", the first single from the new Wolf Parade album.

In other cool SubPop news; The Flight of the Conchords, our favorite Austra-errrr New Zealander HBO stars, release their first major label full-length album this week consisting mostly of re-cut tracks from their hit TV series including everybody's favorite "Bowie". While Bret and Jermaine really are talented and creative musicians and filled my summer '07 with laughter and cheer its moments like this that make me hope someday SubPop releases their material to roam free on Emusic - I'm not sure if I'm feeling flush enough to drop $9.99 on Itunes to pay for this one unless I come across raving reviews or get a visit from the raise fairy at work. (I promised myself that unless absolutely unavoidable, no more itunes purchases until after I pay to fix the window in my car) I guess there's always HBO On-Demand.... Nonetheless, congratulations on the new album fellas! The record is out April 22.

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