Must-See Show: Fleet Foxes

04/12/08 @ The Jackpot (Opening for Blitzen Trapper)

We've previously discussed our complete admiration for Fleet Foxes on here before. They have built up quite a bit of buzz and for once I believe all that hype is totally deserved. They will be appearing as the opening act for another Jeopardy of Contentment favorite Blitzen Trapper this Saturday at the Jackpot Saloon in Lawrence. I can't really express how impressive Fleet Foxes EP is and every review of their tour with Blitzen Trapper has resulted in absolute praise of the live show Fleet Foxes put on. Seriously folks, this could be one of those shows where 5 years from now you can brag to people how you saw Fleet Foxes at a place as small as the Jackpot. Don't miss it!!

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