New Music: Cowboy Indian Bear - Live Old, Die Young

It's already been a pretty outstanding year for local music. New albums from The ACBs, The Appleseed Cast and The Grisly Hand will all be in my top 50 for 2013 and I can easily see Cowboy Indian Bear's new one towards the top of that list as well.

Lawrence's Cowboy Indian Bear already have one great album under their belt in 2010's Each Other All The Time and they don't appear to be slowing down with their second full-length Live Old, Die Young. I think I've said it before that this band doesn't sound any differently to me than the bands getting played on alternative radio or getting reviewed on Pitchfork. They're great songwriters, great musicians and put out catchy, well-produced songs...they should be known nationally.

Make sure you catch them on their tour supporting the new album, you can find dates HERE. Also check out a performance of 'Your Favorite Son, Methuselah' below.

Cowboy Indian Bear - 'Your Favorite Son, Methuselah'

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