New Music: The Grisly Hand - Country Singles

One of my personal favorite Kansas City bands to come along in the last few years is The Grisly Hand. They've been around since 2009 and although their music would most likely be classified as Americana, don't let that scare you away if that isn't your thing. What you'll find with The Grisly Hand is well crafted songs, talented musicians and fantastic vocals and harmonies.

They've just released their new album, Country Singles, and I already love it. Their sound and songwriting has continued to evolve and improve and they sound like a band that could be on the verge of a national break. You can stream or purchase Country Singles on their music page HERE or on Spotify.

Not only are they great on record, but they're a really great live band as well. You'll get a perfect chance to see them tonight as they throw their album release party at Knuckleheads tonight!

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