Concert Announcement: Marah

There is definitely a bit of discussion on my part about "bar bands" on this blog. I would consider bands like The Hold Steady, Drive-By Truckers and The Gaslight Anthem all to be in that category of bar bands making good. Another one that definitely falls into that category is Philly's Marah. They've been championed in the past by such characters as Bruce Springsteen and Nick Hornby...and for good reason. I've said before they remind me of what you might have gotten from the members of Drive-By Truckers if they grew up listening to The Boss rather than Skynyrd. They play straight up rock n roll and they do it well.

I saw Marah a few years back at the Austin City Limits festival, they played at 11:30 am and they blew the figurative roof off the place. They'll be at The Bottleneck in Lawrence on Friday June 18th and this is another one you won't want to miss. Their seventh full length album, Life Is A Problem, will be out on June 22nd.

As always, check out the full calendar HERE.

Here's Marah playing one of my favorites of theirs, 'The Dishwasher's Dream':


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