Concert Announcement: The Gaslight Anthem

There are few bands that look like they are having as much fun on the stage as the fans are. New Jersey's own The Gaslight Anthem are one of those bands. The Jeopardy of Contentment favorites will be at the Midland Theater on Saturday, July 17th. I caught them last year with The Heartless Bastards and they are a fantastic live rock band, don't miss this. Tim Barry will open.

The Gaslight Anthem's new album, American Slang, is out on June 15th and is pretty fantastic.

Here is The Gaslight Anthem with special guest Bruce Springsteen playing 'The '59 Sound' live at the Glastonbury festival in 2009:



Poindexter said...

If you like gritty American rock 'n roll music, this news is as good as it gets. Though they've only been around a few years, the Gaslight Anthem has become a staple for rock & punk rock puritans. There songs always come off heartfelt and meaningful. It's as if Tom Petty & Mike Ness shared songwriting duties in the same New Jersey rock outfit. High praise I know. But if you make it to this show, you'll know what I mean.

Matt said...

well said...