Local Music: Minus Story - My Ion Truss

spaceIn the next feature of a local band and/or album I chose the one that might end up being the most successful bands of the area. Minus Story are originally from Boonville, Mo but have been adopted by Lawrence, KS. I have mentioned them before here when they opened for Midlake at the Jackpot and here when they were my #43 on my Best 50 Albums of '07 list. I have to admit, this is another band I am pretty late on. Last year's My Ion Truss is the only album of theirs I own so far but I am planning on checking the previous stuff out. It's their 3rd full length album for the label Jagjaguwar on which they are a member of a pretty impressive roster including Black Mountain, Sunset Rubdown, Okkervil River, Bon Iver, Pink Mountaintops, The Besnard Lakes, Swan Lake, Wilderness and more.

They are getting a good amount of press from magazines and blogs and bringing on producer John Congleton (member of The Paper Chase and producer for artists such as Explosions in the Sky and The Polyphonic Spree) certainly helped. My Ion Truss is a schizophrenic album, switching from rock to prog to punk to psychedelia, sometimes all in one song. Their label's website might say it best:

"Having a producer behind the controls for the first time allowed them to work more collectively as a band, giving them the freedom to record the primary tracks completely live. It is the closest thing to Minus Story's cathartic live show that they've put to tape to date. The result is an epic & anthemic cross between Pearl Jam, Queen, Brian Eno, and Roxy Music."

Minus Story on Emusic
Minus Story Myspace

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