Concert Announcement: RJD2

04/16/08 The Record Bar, Kansas City

Normally I would be absolutely thrilled about RJD2 coming in concert, especially because the last time I saw him was at The Granada a few years back and this time he is playing the more intimate Record Bar. Unfortunately I'm not quite sure how I feel about this one yet. If RJ is playing the stuff of his first two fabulous records, I would say don't miss this show. 2002's Deadringer and 2004's Since We Last Spoke are some of the best Trip(Hip)-Hop this side of DJ Shadow. Unfortunately with his newest release, last year's The Third Hand, RJ decided he was done with what he was excellent at and needed to make below-average pop records (see it on my list of most disappointing albums of last year, HERE). Now, I don't want to be that guy that hates on the fact that someone wants to expand their sound, but what RJ is doing is pretty mediocre. So, basically if he is still touring in support of The Third Hand, skip it, but, if he is actually DJing again, don't miss it.

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