Local Music: Roman Numerals


The first band featured in my local music section here are none other than Kansas City's Roman Numerals. I'll admit, I'm a bit late jumping on the bandwagon for this group. Roman Numerals self-titled, debut album came out last year on KC's Anodyne Records. Consisting of members from some other great local bands (Shiner, Season to Risk and Dirt Nap) the band formed after playing a Joy Division tribute show. Although they have a new-wave dance revival feel to them, they are much better than most bands one would compare them too. If you are looking for some great local music, make sure you pick up their album. I finally got a chance to see them live this last weekend opening for VHS or Beta and I am kicking myself for taking so long. You can tell by listening to them live that they are all seasoned musicians. It was their last show of the year but you can be sure there will be some shows in the area again next year. Here is a great blurb about their album from The Pitch and hopefully it will give you a feel of their music better than I can.

Roman Numerals Myspace

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