Concert Announcement: The Mars Volta

01/25/08 The Beaumont Club, Kansas City

I may be wrong here but The Beaumont seems like an awfully small place for The Mars Volta to be playing at. The Mars Volta are one of two bands that spawned from the break up of At The Drive-In (the other being the less popular Sparta). I can only listen to them when I'm in the mood for some really intricate music. With influences ranging from prog to jazz to psychedelia, they are definitely an interesting band to say the least. I've heard their live shows are amazing, but have only seen a live performance from the Coachella DVD, which was pretty damn impressive. They will be touring to support their fourth LP, The Bedlam In Goliath, which comes out on January 29th.

The Mars Volta Myspace

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Anonymous said...

Their live shows are badass, even if you don't like their music that much.