Show Review: Ryan Adams & The Cardinals

10/02/07 Uptown Theater, Kansas City

So much has been made recently of Ryan Adams' meltdowns, freak-outs, and off-stage antics that fans that attend his shows now feel like it's a crap shoot and they don't know which Ryan they will get. Fans that attended last nights show at the Uptown Theater got the great Ryan Adams. To paraphrase a Rilo Kiley song when Ryan Adams is on...he's really fucking on. Last night Ryan Adams & The Cardinals were very, very on. The setlist included a song off almost every album except Rock N Roll, which in my opinion isn't a bad thing at all. Ryan also seemed in a very good mood and there was a good amount of banter between him and the crowd; about yelling out song requests (if you do it they won't play it and guitarist Neil will punch you in the neck afterward), Ryan quiting smoking (it was his second day smoke-free) and after a woman in the crowd yelled "Ryan I love you" he replied "well then I apologize in advance." My only complaint is that because the main floor of the Uptown was covered with seats the crowd was never able to match the energy of the band on stage because everyone sat the whole time. There were a few times when the band really started rocking out and it felt really odd to be sitting. Like I said, you never know which Ryan you will get in concert but just hope you get the same one that played in Kansas City last night.

Setlist: Good Night, Rose; Shakedown on 9th Street; Peaceful Valley; Games; Beautiful Sorta; The Sun Also Sets; Rescue Blues; Two; Everybody Knows; Wild Flowers; Off Broadway; Please Do Not Let Me Go; Goodnight, Hollywood Blvd.; Night Birds; I See Monsters; Cold Roses.
Encore: Dear John; What Sin.

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