Concert Announcement: Dan Deacon

10/13/07 The Pistol Social Club, Kansas City

Seeing Dan Deacon perform live is always a party. His album isn't very captivating but the music translates to a geeky-hipster dance party every time. It's also possibly the most fun you can have legally. Dan was suppose to be opening for Girl Talk at The Granada on Thursday, but is now playing in Kansas City. He will be appearing at The Pistol Social Club which I had never even heard of until today. The venue is located in the West Bottoms off the 12th St bridge. I know this is the same night as Wilco (and Elton John for that matter) but the show time says 9PM and if it's anything like the Dan Deacon show I saw in Lawrence it won't start till after 11PM. So, if anyone else wants to make the trip after the Wilco show...let me know.

Dan Deacon Myspace

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