Video: Cowboy Indian Bear - 'Saline'

For having a website titled "A Lawrence & Kansas City Music Blog" I admit that I do a really shitty job at covering local music. Although I mention a few local bands here from time to time, not enough local artists get covered on these pages. I'm going to try and rectify that starting with Cowboy Indian Bear. They are a band that's been working their asses off around town and the midwest building quite a name for themselves.

The band put out their first full length release Each Other All The Time earlier this year and it's fantastic. There hasn't been this quality of indie-pop coming out of the area in a long, long time. You should definitely cruise over to the website of the band's label The Record Machine to purchase the album or head to their Myspace Page to preview a few tracks first.

Here is their video for the single 'Saline':


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