Favorite Songs of the 2000's: M. Ward - 'To Go Home' (2006)

M. Ward could almost be considered an elder statesmen of indie music nowadays. His first of six solo albums came out over ten years ago...not to mention a couple EP's, his involvement with Monsters Of Folk and what's probably paying the bills best these days: She & Him. After seeing the She & Him show in KC last week, it's no surprise why Zooey & Matt's project is so popular. Zooey has huge star appeal and a nice enough voice, but the driving force behind the band is most certainly M. Ward. Unfortunately that was my first time seeing Matt play live because I'd love to see him come through town with a solo gig. Especially since he's responsible for one of my favorite songs of the decade with his cover of the Daniel Johnson tune 'To Go Home'.

This is a song that is close to reaching triple digits in terms of amount of plays in my house. No matter how many times I hear this song, I never get tired of it. The fact that M. Ward has a hypnotizing voice seems to help. Throw in Neko Case singing backup on the chorus and you have yourself a can't miss song. If this is your first listen to M. Ward's solo material, you owe yourself the favor of checking out his back catalog. Have a listen to 'To Go Home' below.


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