Upcoming Show: Kelly Finnigan @ Record Bar

Another show that flew under my radar until recently is Kelly Finnigan appearing at Record Bar next Tuesday, May 28th. Finnigan (also a member of Monophonics) released his first solo album, The Tales People Tell on Colemine Records earlier this year.

Kelly's debut solo album is already one of my top five albums of 2019 and doesn't look like it will likely be knocked down anytime soon. The Tales People Tell is one of those new soul albums that sound like it could have been recorded any time in the past 50 years. It's got that vintage sound that is timeless and really stunning. I highly recommending picking it up and I also recommend getting yourself to Record Bar on Tuesday to see Kelly bring these songs to life with his band The Atonements in front of an audience where they'll likely get the room moving like rarely before. 


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