New Music: Til Willis & Erratic Cowboy - Habit of Being EP

Lawrence's Til Willis and his band Erratic Cowboy are back again with a new four song EP. It's Willis' 15th release but it's his first that has been pressed on vinyl.

Willis' music always reminds me of a punk-rock Springsteen or Steve Earle, especially his vocals. The new EP, Habit of Being, is no different. My only complaint about the EP is that I wish some of the songs and the EP as a whole were longer. The second track, 'Happy Birthday to the Bomb' is a gorgeous track that clocks in at exactly one minute. The following track, 'Nobody Calls Me Home', reminds me of some of the best tracks from The Replacements with a fantastic guitar riff, but it's less than a minute long as well.

The highlight of the EP for me is the closing track 'When the Snow Melts'. It really highlights what a great songwriter Willis is.

You can listen to the EP on Willis' soundcloud page and you can order the 7" on his website.



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