New Music: Smith Westerns - Dye It Blonde

Out of the albums slated for the first month of 2011, none so far are as good as the second album from Chicago trio Smith Westerns. Dye It Blonde gets it's influences from all the right places. A little garage rock, a little psych rock, a little T-Rex and a little Bowie. As young as these guys are, they're pretty great songwriters. Each song on the album is catchy enough to still be stuck in your head hours later. This album had been dominating my headphones for the week or two and I don't see it stopping anytime soon. The album is out officially on Fat Possum on Tuesday the 18th, I highly suggest picking it up.

The group will be at the Record Bar in KC on Tuesday, February 22nd. Don't miss it.

Here's a video for the first track of the album, 'Weekend':


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Bang Potential said...

Oh me of mitigated faith, how great is it that this album is as good as it is and that these guys weren't a one and done, very exciting.