New Music: Phantogram - Eyelid Movies

Hailing from the small town of Saratoga Springs, New York, the duo known as Phantogram certainly sound like they're from the big city. The band is self-described as "street beat, psych pop" which is a term coined by a fellow Saratoga Springs musician after seeing them open up for Yeasayer.

The term "street beat, psych pop", albeit a horrible name for a genre of music, is a pretty apt description. They mix hip-hop and electric dance beats with vocals reminiscent of something out of the shoegaze scene. Their debut album, Eyelid Movies (out now on Barsuk Records), is pretty fantastic from beginning to end. Many times with these beat driven albums, they can get boring and stagnant by the end of the album...that is not the case here.

I'm a little surprised there already isn't more hype around these two, considering the album has been out for almost two weeks now (hell, maybe there is and I just don't realize). The album is ripe to be played at hipster dance parties nationwide. I'm hoping Phantogram will get a bit of press for this record, because it really is great. Here's hoping they come through town as well, i'll keep you posted.

Here's a video of the band playing the album's opener, 'Mouthful of Diamonds' on KEXP:

Phantogram Myspace


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