New Music: Beach House - Teen Dream

Baltimore's Beach House has been around for a while now, but their third album Teen Dream (out this Tuesday January, 26th on Sub Pop), will certainly catapult them to the top of the indie rock food chain.

It's early in the year but many of the first quarter of 2010 albums have already leaked. Out of the pack of these records, the Beach House album is by far the best. It continues the fuzzed out, dream pop that they've perfected on their first two albums. Where the first albums may have contained their best songs, Teen Dream is by far their most consistent and enjoyable album.

Beach House will be at the Jackpot in Lawrence on April, 6th. Make sure you pick up Teen Dream on Tuesday as this is already looking to be the first entry for best album of 2010. You can currently steam the whole album over at NPR.

Here's their first video off Teen Dream for 'Silver Soul':

Beach House Myspace


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