Favorite Songs of the 2000's:
Wolf Parade - 'I'll Believe In Anything' (2005)

I'm eventually going to compile a list of my favorite albums of this past decade. Honestly, I have a hard time putting albums like Merriwhether Post Pavilion next to stuff like Yankee Hotel Foxtrot right now. I need to let the best albums of the last couple of years sink in for a while longer before I could rank them all together. In the meantime I thought that I would do some posts over the next however long of some of my favorite songs of the decade. These are the all time desert island songs, not just tracks that I liked a lot. Nope, these are the tracks I love; that I still blast in my car as loud as I can stand when they come up on my ipod.

'I'll Believe In Anything' - Wolf Parade

It's no secret if you read this blog then you know I'm a huge Spencer Krug fan. Even though this track was originally recorded as a Sunset Rubdown song, the version that Wolf Parade recorded for Apologies to the Queen Mary, is the best one out there. Also, while I don't think it's Krug's best track ever, it's hard to argue with 'I'll Believe In Anything'. I've turned people who would never like indie rock onto this song, there is just no denying the greatness (not to mention the video is fabulous as well).

"If I could take the fire out from the water
I'd take you where nobody knows you
And nobody gives a damn"




Janell said...

I will forever remember seeing Wolf Parade at the Granada a few years back. It was that concert, with very few fans present but one hell of a show, that changed me to a life long fan of Krug!
Not to mention, he's a nice piece of ass!

Poindexter said...

Hell yes, that show made me a believer in Krug & Company. Am I crazy or did they not come on (at the Granada) until 11 or midnight that night? This list is gonna be a lot of fun & not to mention one hell of an undertaking.