Concert Announcement: Camera Obscura

Continuing the streak of bands I've never seen coming back through town is Camera Obscura. They'll be at the Bottleneck in Lawrence on Wednesday, April 7th. Camera Obscura are responsible for my 8th favorite album of 2009 and their first album, Let's Get Out Of This Country, is great as well.

Here's a video of them playing 'French Navy' (one of my favorite songs of 2009) live for Pitchfork's Cemetery Gates series:

>Camera Obscura Myspace



Happy In Bag said...

I still haven't forgiven C.O. for their miserable performance at the Record Bar in 2007.

Matt said...

That bad huh? Maybe I'll save my money on this one then.

Happy In Bag said...

It was their attitude. They seemingly didn't want to be there that night. It wasn't the crowd- the place was packed with fans. I was really disappointed because I love their recordings.