Belated Resolutions for 2010

As I sit and watch a really boring BCS Championship game, I ran through a mental list of my resolutions for the new year, which I usually don't have any desire to do. This year I need the extra push, but rather than make you more disinterested with all of my resolutions, I'll just share my music-related (surprise) attempts at improvement. So:

1. Contribute to Matt's blog once a week: This is a tall order, but even if it's a couple of sentences, a video, concert post, whatever. Something to share the load and keep the content fresh (and keep it real!). There is no way I will be able to go to all of the shows or delve into all of the music coming out, but I figure I can at least throw in a good opinion here or there (such as why is Luke Wilson slumming for AT&T, or does anyone think Taco Bell commercials are funny?).

2. Record two "albums" this year: If any of you reading this happen to also be a "weekend recording artist", then you'll know that as much fun as it is to record music and/or play live, it's hard to find the time. Much like writing in this blog, it's such a rejuvenating release that once you stop doing it, life gets a little more bland, and you can start feeling a little older than you want to admit. We only meet once a week, and with conflicts arising here and there, a month has already gone by. Of course, instead of writing songs and getting prepped for our next session, I've been playing video games. Nothing kills your feeling of artistic prowess like staring at a tv screen for three hours until midnight. I will not use husband/parent responsibilities as a reason for my falling behind. Two albums, average of ten songs per.

3. Buy an album: I don't think I did that this year. Look, our budget has become a bit tighter than expected, my dad gets a ton of music, other people share. I can't help it. I vow to contribute financially.

4. Spend an evening a week listening to one album (either new or rarely listened to) in it's entirety: I can't remember the last time I really connected with an entire album in the past year (Bon Iver?), and as a result have felt a little more disconnected with the current music scene. I listen to music at work and on the business trips but too much is going on to really let me focus. I did, however, enjoy Nick Drake's Pink Moon while in the tub in Hartford. Any recommendations?

And I still don't get the big deal about Animal Collective.

My hope is that these resolutions will get me back into the musical flow and feed off of each other (new music inspires new ideas, write new songs, write about new things, etc..), and bring that element back into my life, because I do miss it. Quite a bit, I've found. You just have to work on it more when real life catches up with you.

What are your musical resolutions for 2010? Here's a video for inspiration:



Poindexter said...

I hope you stay true to resolution #1. Because I think you are a good writer and you always seem to bring something different to the table. And as far as resolutions 3 & 4.... I still haven't pinpointed your musical taste but if you like Nick Drake may I suggest Asobi Seksu. Preferrable 'Rewolf' from 2009. It's mainly acoustic with really beautiful arrangements. Dream Pop usually isn't my bag, but I put this album on and completely drift away.

Poindexter said...

P.S. This hurt my feelings..
"And I still don't get the big deal about Animal Collective". I think I died inside a bit. Look, I know AC isn't for everybody. And honestly, I didn't fall in love with them immediately. I truly think these guys are on the verge of becoming America's best band/group.

Chris said...

AC is one of those bands whose albums I want to digest more and haven't given a chance. I said it more to tick off a coworker :)

Matt said...

My answer to #4 is The Antlers - Hospice. Not to be a broken record on that one but it really is one that requires front to back listening...and it's really, really good. It's a bit of an emotional investment though.

Chris said...

I hate emotions