Concert Announcement: Leonard Cohen, Wilco & More

I bitch a lot about the lack of stops in Lawrence or KC by many tours, especially with so many groups visiting Omaha now instead. Then concerts like this get announced and I'm okay with it again for a short while. Leonard Cohen will be at The Midland in KC on November 10th. He is a legend and if you are a fan (or have even just heard of him) you probably want to be able to say you saw him at this show.

Wilco will be coming though the area as well, this time stopping in KC at The Crossroads on October 6th. This is the same venue they played back in 2007 and that show owned....this one most likely will too.

Other shows of note:

08/18 Roadside Graves @ The Replay, Lawrence
09/14 The Mars Volta @ The Midland Theater, KC
09/15 Wavves @ The Jackpot, Lawrence
09/26 Social Distortion @ The Beaumont Club, KC
09/27 Richard Lloyd & The Sufi Monkey Trio @ The Record Bar, KC
09/28 And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead/The Secret Machines @ The Record Bar, KC
10/08 AC/DC @ The Sprint Center, KC
10/17 Mirah @ The Jackpot, Lawrence
11/10 Why?/Au @ The Jackpot, Lawrence


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Chris said...

Trail of dead and Secret machines.....hmm. I love SM (especially Ten Silver Drops)and like the first few Dead discs, and they are supposed to be killer live.