Wilco (The Album) Cover Art

If you haven't heard yet, the new Wilco album, which comes out June 30th, is brilliantly titled Wilco (The Album), which just happens to kick off with the track 'Wilco (The Song). It's only natural that the album art follow in the vein of not taking themselves too seriously.


Also, if you haven't been keeping up on your Wilco news then you haven't heard about former member Jay Bennett filing a lawsuit against Jeff Tweedy. Fun stuff.


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Poindexter said...

Dude, I have been anticipating this album for quite some time now. To me, 2007's 'Sky Blue Sky' was a brilliant album. I'm anxious to see how they follow that up. Hopefully there is plenty of shredding by the maniac that is Nels Cline. And I have been following the Bennett/Tweedy lawsuit story. All I've got to say is... Bennett is a professional TWAT!