Videos: White Rabbits & Grizzly Bear

A few things I've ran across this week that are worth watching.

I recently posted the first video from the new White Rabbits album here, the track is called 'Percussion Gun'. Then last week they played it live on Letterman and the song sounds fantastic in a live setting, check it out:

I know the Grizzly Bear hype has been a little intense, especially since the album still doesn't come out until this Tuesday, May 26th. Still, there are a couple of nice Grizzly Bear videos that have surfaced in the past few days. First is them performing 'All We Ask' for Black Cab Sessions, which is another great website if you have a few hours to waste. Enjoy:

Finally is the video for what may be the best song of the year, 'Two Weeks' (also check out their performance of this tune on Letterman from 9 months ago) . It's a bit creepy but enjoyable:


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