New Music: Crocodiles

You aren't going to hear anything about San Diego band Crocodiles without hearing comparisons to Velvet Underground and The Jesus & Mary Chain. I might as well echo those sentiments. Upon first listen to Crocodiles fuzzed-out, distorted lo-fi rock it's impossible not to hear J&MC and that's certainly not a bad thing. Crocodiles are also going to get lumped in with "noise" bands like No Age, Wavves and the like, but Crocodiles bring a lot more to the table in terms of songwriting and melody.

Crocodiles debut LP, Summer Of Hate, came out yesterday on Fat Possum records. I've spun it about a half dozen times now, including at least four times today at work (it's okay...it's short) and I've come to the conclusion that this is a really solid album. I'm usually really hesitant to enjoy a lot of music like this, but Crocodiles have already proved that they may be worthy of the hype they are (or will) receive. They also earn bonus points for having one of the best songs of the year so far, 'I Wanna Kill' on the album. They are currently on tour with Holy Fuck, which would be a fantastic show, but they aren't coming near KC or Lawrence.

Here is a video from the album...the song is called 'Refuse Angels':


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