New Music & Upcoming Show: Junior Boys

I first heard about Canadian duo Junior Boys in 2004 when their debut album, Last Exit, came out. They first caught my ear because I heard them get compared to the Postal Service and I was consuming all things electro-pop. Beyond the light-electro beat of the Junior Boys debut album and the Postal Service, there aren't many similarities. Where the Postal Service album is cute, Junior Boys debut is sexy. That's just how they roll.

Junior Boys are bringing their sultry beats to the Record Bar this Friday night. Their new album, Begone Dull Care, lacks the cohesiveness of Last Exit and doesn't have a track on it that hits the highs of 'In The Morning' off 2006's So This Is Goodbye, but still manages to be better than most of the albums out so far this year. I haven't seen them live before but I'm hoping they put on a good show. Plus, I've heard some interesting things about the opener Max Tundra. Join me out there for a great Friday night show kicking off a busy music weekend in the Lawrence/KC area.

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Janell said...

Can't wait for the show- bring on the booty shakin'!