New Music: Swan Lake

I don't hide my fondness for all things Canadian Indie rock, especially when Spencer Krug is involved. His second side project to his primary income, Wolf Parade, is a "supergroup" with Destroyer's Dan Bejar and Frog Eyes' Carey Mercer. Below you can stream the first single, 'A Hand At Dusk'. The band's second album is called Enemy Mine and it's out on March 23rd. I still can't decide if the album cover is really awesome or really horrible yet, but I'm leaning towards horrible. The first single isn't as good as the pre-released track from the first record ('All Fires') but I also think that's the best song that Spencer Krug has ever sang on. 'A Hand At Dusk' is a pretty mellow song, but it's nice hearing all three of them contributing vocals for the same song.


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