New Music: Neko Case's 'People Got A Lotta Nerve'

There is plenty of time for me to gush about Neko Case in the next month or so until her newest album, Middle Cyclone (March 3) comes out. Neko Case is, in my opinion, the greatest female voice in music since Patsy Cline...for christs sake, I named one of my dogs after her. Lucky for us her label is offering up a free track for your listening pleasure. You can either listen the new track, 'People Got A Lotta Nerve' below or you can download it by clicking HERE.

Not only is it a free song from one of the best singers around, but her label and her are donating $5 to Best Friends Animal Society (if you watch Dog Town on National Geographic, you already know who Best Friends are) every time there is a blog post of the new track. So everyone wins.


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