TV on the Radio Announce Details For New Album Dear Science,

Stolen straight from Pitchfork are the details concerning Jeopardy of Contentment favorite TV on the Radio. Although this site didn't exist then, TVOTR's Return to Cookie Mountain was our favorite album of 2006.

The New York bands new record, Dear Science, which will be released on September 23rd on Interscope Records. The European release will be a day earlier on September 22nd on 4AD. There aren't many details other than the record title and release date (and a few tour dates not around KC) but rest assured that any news about a larger tour or more will be found here.

Also, I'd previously hadn't been able to find a copy of this picture of TV on the Radio online. It's from Entertainment Weekly and my old roommate happened to noticed the t-shirt worn by TV on the Radio singer Tunde Adiebimpe (he's the one on the far right). Anyway, HERE is the picture with Tunde's fine choice of t-shirts, make sure you click on the image to make it larger and see the text on the shirt. Lawrence Fucking Kansas!

TV on the Radio Website
TV on the Radio Myspace

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