Show Review: Tom Waits

06/26/08 The Fox Theatre, St. Louis

After seeing some professional photos from this show around the interwebs I feel a little embarrassed about my shitty digital camera pictures. They should be a lot better considering how close we were. I previously have never sat in the front row for a concert but somehow got lucky and got front row tickets for Tom Waits in St. Louis. It was almost too close as my girlfriend could only see Tom's top half over a monitor at the front of the stage.

The show was pretty flawless. Tom still has it after all these years...his voice sounds fantastic and his showmanship is top notch as well. The stage set-up sort of looked like a carnival which is a pretty accurate description of his live performance as well. Highlights of the show were the white powder/dust that flew up around him everytime he stomped his boot on the ground and the performances of "16 Shells From A Thirty-Ought Six", "Johnsburg, Ill" and "Innocent When You Dream".


Way Down In The Hole
Falling Down
Black Market Baby
All The World Is Green
Hi Ho
Get Behind The Mule
Day After Tomorrow
Cemetery Polka
Hang Down Your Head
A Little Rain
Lucky Day
Johnsburg, IL
Lost In The Harbour
Make It Rain
Lie To Me
On The Other Side Of The World
Dirt In The Ground
What's He Building?
16 Shells
Rain Dogs


Goin' Out West
Anywhere I Lay My Head
Innocent When You Dream

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