Upcoming Show: Air Traffic

05/17/08 The Record Bar, Kansas City

If you are looking for something to do this weekend, cruise by The Record Bar this Saturday to catch the UK band Air Traffic. This might be your only chance to catch them in a place as small as The Record Bar because this band seems to have the qualities that will make them a big success. If you like Keane but wish they had more depth to their sound or if you like Muse but wish they weren't so bombastic, you'll find much to like here. Click HERE to download a live version of 'No More Running Away' off their album, Fractured Life. You can also cruise by their website to check out a few more tracks off the album. Make sure you get there early on Saturday because it's an all-ages early show with the first opening band set to go on around 5:30 and Air Traffic going on around 8:00 PM.

Air Traffic Myspace

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