Concert Announcement: Tom Petty

07/22/08 The Sprint Center, Kansas City

This is only the second concert announcement for the Sprint Center I have been remotely excited about .The first was Van Halen and if I would have ended up going I would have seen VH live will all 3 singers, something I might end up regretting (even more than seeing them with Gary Cherone). I also sort-of regret not seeing Tom Petty at ACL when I was there and he was one of the headliners. I ended up seeing TV on the Radio and What Made Milwaukee Famous an aftershow instead, which was a great show. Either way, Tom Petty will be making it through Kansas City on July 22nd with Steve Winwood opening. If Winwood plays a lot of Traffic and Blind Faith stuff and decided to skip his embarrassing 80's material, that would be alright with me as well.

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