New Music: Wax Fang

This is my first official "Next Big Thing" post. I stumbled across Wax Fang after reading that My Morning Jacket's Jim James took them out on tour because he is such a big fan. This Louisville, Kentucky band may draw some comparisons to the aforementioned group but only if My Morning Jacket were fronted by David Bowie instead of James. Wax Fang's second album, La La Land was just released on their website and emusic on November 17. Wax Fang's strengths are the ability to have a classic rock vibe while sounding completely fresh at the same time. I've already listened to it a half dozen times since I got it and I wouldn't be surprised to find it very high on my year-end list. Please do yourself a favor and head over to their Myspace page to check out a few songs. Then zip over to their website or emusic to pick up the album.

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