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The story of Joy Division is relatively well-known these days. If you haven't heard of Joy Division then you have probably at least heard of New Order, which is the band formed by the three remaining members of Joy Division after lead singer Ian Curtis killed himself. Ian Curtis' suicide (he hanged himself the night before the band's first American tour) has made their music and story that much more mysterious and fascinating. There has even been a movie, 2007's Control, based on Ian's life. But the best news is that they are finally reissuing Joy Division's two proper studio albums (Unknown Pleasures and Closer) and one compilation (Still) tomorrow. Not only will all three albums be remastered, but each will include a extra disc of unreleased live performances. Here is the tracklisting for each record:

Unknown Pleasures

Disc 1 1. "Disorder"2. "Day Of The Lord"3. "Candidate"4. "Insight"5. "New Dawn Fades"6. "She's Lost Control"7. "Shadowplay"8. "Wilderness"9. "Interzone"10. "I Remember Nothing"

Disc 2Live At The Factory, Manchester (13 July 1979) 1. "Dead Souls"2. "The Only Mistake"3. "Insight"4. "Candidate"5. "Wilderness"6. "She's Lost Control"7. "Shadowplay"8. "Disorder"9. "Interzone"10. "Atrocity Exhibition"11. "Novelty"12. "Transmission"13. "Novelty" (mono)14. "Transmission" (mono)15. "Love Will Tear Us Apart"16. "Glass"


Disc 1 1. "Atrocity Exhibition"2. "Isolation"3. "Passover"4. "Colony"5. "A Means To An End"6. "Heart And Soul"7. "24 Hours"8. "The Eternal"9. "Decades"

Disc 2 Live at ULU, University Of London (8 February 1980) 1. "Dead Souls"2. "Glass"3. "A Means To An End"4. "Twenty Four Hours"5. "Shadowplay"6. "Insight"7. "Colony"8. "These Days"9. "Love Will Tear Us Apart"10. "Isolation"Encore11. "The Eternal"12. "Digital"


Disc 1 1. "Exercise One'2. "Ice Age"3. "Sound Of Music"4. "Glass"5. "The Only Mistake"6. "Walked In Line"7. "The Kill"8. "Something Must Break"9. "Dead Souls"10. "Sister Ray"11. "Ceremony"12. "Shadowplay"13. "Means To An End"14. "Passover"15. "New Dawn Fades"16. "Transmission"17. "Disorder"18. "Isolation"19. "Decades"20. "Digital"

Disc 2 Live At High Wycombe Town Hall (20 February 1980) 1. "Isolation"2. "The Eternal"3. "Ice Age"4. "Disorder"5. "The Sound Of Music"6. "The Eternal"Soundcheck7. "The Sound Of Music"8. "A Means To An End"9. "Colony"10. "Twenty Four Hours"11. "Isolation"12. "Love Will Tear Us Apart"13. "Disorder"14. "Atrocity Exhibition"
Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart:

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