Show Review: Modest Mouse & Band of Horses

8/03/07 City Market, Kansas City

I think I might have been a little late seeing Modest Mouse. I have been a fan of theirs for a long time. I always thought they were a little weird and a little fucked up and I really liked that about them. Then they released Good News For People Who Love Bad News and became wildly successful when Float On became a huge single. There were still bits and pieces of the Modest Mouse I loved still in there but overall it seemed watered down. Then came their most recent album, We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank, and I realized that they just weren't the band that I originally came to know and love. Now I am not hating on them for "selling out" and I have never been that guy that dislikes something just because it gets popular. I am really glad of their success and am impressed they drew about 10,000 to the concert in Kansas City. Their music anymore just isn't for me. My friend and I were hoping to hear anything off Building Nothing Out of Something but all we got were one tune from The Lonesome Crowded West ("Out of Gas") and a couple of tunes from The Moon & Antarctica. I'm sure all the new teenage Modest Mouse fans loved it, they were everywhere. All of a sudden I am just the old guy who wishes they would have played some old songs.

Band of Horses opened the show and luckily saved it for me from being a pretty bad night. This was my second time seeing them and they are much more polished. The new songs they played really sounded good but the songs from 2006's Everything All the Time sounded great. Their new record, Cease to Begin, comes out on October 9th. I'm really looking forward it and you can expect a review on here.

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