The Brunettes - Structure & Cosmetics

My first exposure to The Brunettes was seeing them open up for The Shins at Liberty Hall in 2005. I was immediately impressed with their cute pop tunes and especially liked the boy/girl vocal aspect. I picked up their 2005 import-only album Mars Loves Venus at that show and really liked a few of the songs on the album.

With their new album, Structure & Cosmetics, they take a huge leap forward both musically and vocally. Their album opens with what sounds like a Polyphonic Spree song with a choir of voices and a whole lot of instruments that were previously foreign to the Brunettes. It just gets better from there. Their sound has matured so much but they are still creating really sweet and pretty summer-esque songs. You can catch them at The Record Bar on September 21st at 10pm.

The Brunettes Myspace

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