Listen to Phoebe Bridgers

Phoebe Bridgers has officially taken over my musical life. My family is sick of me spinning her records and playing her videos. With the release of her fabulous solo record, Stranger In The Alps, in late 2017 she appeared on my radar and hasn't left since. The album is worth revisiting on it's own merits alone, but Bridgers has continued to make really fantastic music with a couple of other projects as well that are worthy of mentioning. Before we move on here is one of the standout tracks from 2017's Stranger In The Alps, 'Motion Sickness':

I don't want to write this without mentioning the elephant in the room. 'Motion Sickness' was admittedly written about Ryan Adams long before the damning NYT story came out recently documenting his abuses. However the song bears new weight after reading how Adams treated Bridgers specifically. I've been a long time Ryan Adams fan, but hopefully others like me will turn their attention to the music of someone much more worthy of it in Bridgers.

The moment Bridgers went from a notable new artist to an obsession for me was the release of the "supergroup" boygenius EP that came out in 2018. I'd already been a big fan of Julien Baker and knew a bit about Lucy Dacus but I had no idea how much I'd love the songs the three of them made together. The whole EP is just flawless...here is my favorite track 'Salt In The Wound':

Bridgers continued this year with the release of Better Oblivion Community Center's debut self-titled album with Conor Oberst. The album is another really solid effort and really shows that Bridger is as prolific as she is talented.


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