Video: Foxing - 'Night Channels'

Every time I make a new "Favorite albums of XXXX" list, I like to revisit it later to see what I would change. Sometimes albums will sit with me long after I've made a list and if I were to re-rank a particulate year, albums would move around quite a bit. The perfect example of this would be the 2015 release from St. Louis band Foxing. That album, Dealer, has been on regular rotation through all of 2016 and already into 2017. If I re-ranked my favorite albums of 2015, Dealer would without a doubt make the top 10 instead of where I initially ranked it at #35.

Foxing aren't the type of band I normally listen to. They're on the verge of being Emo which is a genre I don't usually enjoy. However, this album has seeped into my sub-conscious and will probably be one I'm still listening to in another five years. My favorite track on the album is 'Night Channels'. The band also made a brilliant video to accompany an already emotional track. Check out the video below...


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