New Song: Oobergeek (feat. Futuristic & Krizz Kaliko) - 'No Touching'

It's been a minute or two since I've posted anything hip-hop related. I came across this Oobergeek track from a Mills Record Company blog posting (which if you aren't already aware, there is a new KC record store you need to check out). Oobergeek is from KC and is a cousin of Kansas City hip-hop legend Tech N9ne. If that wasn't enough to garner attention, he's also really talented. So far, 'No Touching' is the only track I've heard from him but it's catchy enough to make me seek out anything else he's done.

It's already gotten almost 30,000 hits on youtube, so check it out below.

Oobergeek (fet. Futuristic & Krizz Kaliko) - 'No Touching'

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