Middle of the Map Festival Band Preview: JEFF The Brotherhood

Second on my list of must-see national acts playing Middle Of The Map this weekend is JEFF The Brotherhood. JEFF the Brotherhood are two brothers (shocking, I know) from Nashville, Tennessee. They could probably best be described as garage rock with a southern flair, but either way they're a lot of fun. I haven't caught them live before but I've heard they put on a great show. They're closing out The Riot Room on Saturday night and play just after Iceage, so expect the Riot Room to be one-in/one-out pretty early that night.

Below is the video for my favorite track of their most recent album (2012's Hypnotic Nights) 'Six Pack'.

JEFF the Brotherhood - 'Six Pack'


Chris said...

Had the good fortune to have seen them play a few times while living in Nashville at small clubs all the way up to the historic Ryman, and always enjoyed myself... expect smoke :-)

Matt said...

They were a helluva a lot of fun live, I look forward to seeing them again.

And there was a crapload of smoke.