Middle of the Map Festival Band Preview: Iceage

Even though the birth of my first child will most likely prevent me from attending the third annual Middle Of The Map Festival, I wanted to preview some of the bands I'd be looking forward to seeing over the three day festival.

When the lineup was first announced, I was asked what band would I recommend seeing that might be a hidden gem like Fucked Up was last year for many people. Without hesitation I immediately said Denmark's Iceage. They made some waves with their debut album, New Brigade, which is 30 minutes straight of brutal punk rock. With the release of their second album You're Nothing, they are sure to get even more national attention. You're Nothing is already one of my top 3 albums of the year and if you enjoy punk or hardcore in any shape or form, you'll really dig Iceage.

Check out the video for the first track off the new album 'Ecstasy' below.

Iceage - 'Ecstacy'

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