New Album: My Bloody Valentine - m b v

Only 22 years in the making, My Bloody Valentine finally release the long-awaited follow-up to 1991's cult favorite Loveless. Three listens in and it's actually really fucking good too. It had been a long running joke that this album would never see the light of day and possibly didn't exist, so it was thrilling to see the band post on their facebook page yesterday afternoon that the album would be released that day. Of course, the albums release hours later did crash the website for a substantial amount of time throwing the internet into a panic.

Finally the website was stable and we have an album that many music fans have been waiting decades for. It's way too early to talk about just how good this album is but for an album that had 22 years of expectations to deal with, the praise I've seen so far has been pretty universal. You can buy the digital, vinyl or cd at their website and both physical copies come with an instant download. You can also stream the entire album on the bands Youtube page (or hear them below). Either way the release of this album seems to have turned into one of those really cool moments in music history when an "event" happens that many people experience all at the same time. Those are really few and far between these days.

'if i am'
'new you'
'in another way'
'nothing is'
'wonder 2'
'she found now'
'only tomorrow'
'who sees you'
'is this and yes'

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