New Music: Til Willis - Land Of Sawdust And Spangles

What better time than now to discuss the dreary political climate this country faces and what better person to do that than a gritty, blue collar singer-songwriter.  Til Willis and his backing band Erratic Cowboy have recorded what is probably the best politically charged local album you'll hear in a good while.

Land Of Sawdust And Spangles reminds me of Bruce Springsteen's haunting Nebraska album in that it would sound great at 3am when you are soaked in whiskey.  In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if  Lawrence songwriter Till Willis recorded it in that state.  There are two things that immediately stood out to me on this album...first is Willis' voice, which instantly struck me as being the kind of gravely voice I really love. The second star of the album are the songs.  It's amazing how much atmosphere three guys can create with great songs in a living room.

You can stream the album on Til's soundcloud page and you can download the single 'Freshly 21' here.

Til and Erratic Cowboy will be playing a couple of local shows you should check out as well.  They'll be at the Bottleneck in Lawrence on Wednesday, November 28th (with Modern Rock Diaries) and at the Record Bar in KC on Wednesday, December 5th (with John Maxfield and Shelley Miller).

Til Willis - 'Freshly 21'

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