New Music: How To Dress Well - Total Loss

How To Dress Well is the music project of Tom Krell (whom according to wikipedia spent time studying in Lawrence, KS).  HTDW's sound could probably best be described as ethereal/indie R&B.  That description might be off putting to some, but they are definitely worth checking out.  Their second full length album, Total Loss, is one of those records that has such a strong vibe throughout the whole thing that I find myself starting it and in what seems like minutes it's over.  Not to insinuate that it's boring and forgettable, but in fact it's quite the opposite.  The production, vocals and overall sound mesh so well into an album that will certainly end up towards the top of my year end list.

The group will be doing a short US tour in October that of course is coming no where near Kansas City, but if this album gains steam you might see a bigger US tour this winter or next sprint.  In the meantime, check out my favorite track on the album below.

How To Dress Well - Set It Right

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