Video: Black Mountain - 'Old Fangs'

Black Mountain is getting ready to release their third full-length album, Wilderness Heart, on September 14th. Not only is Black Mountain front-man Stephen McBean a consistent source of fantastic psychedelic rock, but the album also has one of the best album covers of the year.

Here's the video for the first single off the new album, 'Old Fangs':



Poindexter said...

I've been marching in the Black Mountain Army since 2005. From the sounds of this single, 'Wilderness Heart' is going to be a monster album. As much as I like leader Sam McBean, Amber Webber's voice absolutely hypnotizes me.

Poindexter said...

* Correction: I meant Stephen McBean (not Sam).

Matt said...

I fucked it up in the original post and had the name as Sam. I fixed it.