New Music: The New Pornographers - Together

I'm not going to lie, I feel like all I've been writing a lot about Canadians recently. Don't get me wrong, some of my favorite bands are Canadians...those folks know what I like when it comes to indie rock. The New Pornographers have become another venerable force in indie rock. They are now about to release their fifth album, Together (out today), and haven't seem to have lost a step. If you are a fan of power-pop, indie rock or just music in general, you'll find something to like in The New Pornographers. Whether it's the fact that Carl Newman seems to churn out amazing pop songs, the oddness of Dan Bejar or the just Neko Case, there are plenty of reasons to love this band.

The last NP album, Challengers, was their first misstep as an album. There was something missing from that album that was found on almost ever song on the first three records. That magic seems to be back as Together appears to be another album full of great songs. Some of the highlights are the album opener 'Moves' and the chugging rock tune 'Your Hands (Together)'. Dan Bejar always contributes at least one brilliant tune and this time his best one is the shimmering 'Silver Jenny Dollar' which has a hook that will get jammed in your brain. In fact, Bejar has the highlight of the second half of the album as well with 'Daughter Of Sorrow' which has a melody and backing vocals that sound plucked off 70's AM radio.

Don't forget that The New Pornographers will be in Lawrence at Liberty Hall on Monday, July 26th with openers The Dodos and Imaad Wasif.


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